Soccer Game in Woodlawn Park

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Association is to enhance the quality of life in the Lower Beaver Neighborhood of Des Moines, Iowa.

Our Vision

The Lower Beaver Neighborhood strives to be a welcoming neighborhood people want to call home by fostering an environment which
  • supports vibrant, viable businesses, new and old;
  • provides quality housing stock for a diversifying population;
  • offers enriching opportunities for community relationships and participation, education, and cultural exposure;
  • features attractive parks, trails, trees, and year-round recreational opportunities;
  • is environmentally responsible, preserving our natural resources, ecology, wildlife, and habitats; and
  • maintains an infrastructure effective for the safety and service of all residents, young and old.

Our Location

Our boundaries are Beaver Avenue on the west, Douglas Avenue on the south, The Des Moines River on the east and Interstate 80 on the north. We have approximately 2,600 homes with 6,500 residents.
Lower Beaver Neighborhood Borders