Join Our Neighborhood Association!

It's quick and easy, and only $20 per household per year.  Below you may choose to register online or print the registration and mail in a check.  View the "LBNA Accomplishments" below to understand where your dues are spent. 

Online Registration

To register for your yearly membership, click the "Pay Now" button below. This will process your payment via PayPal (although you can pay with any credit card, you do not need a PayPal account).  There is a $1 online processing fee so the total on your card will be $21.00. 

Mail In

The instructions and mailing address are listed in the membership form. You can choose to download a PDF or Word Document of the membership form below:

What Are the Benefits of Being an LBNA Member?
  1. First and foremost - PRIDE! Take pride and ownership in the Lower Beaver Neighborhood - it's an excellent place to live and your association is constantly working to keep it that way.  Join us - we would also be proud to have you on board.

  2. Vote! By being a member of the association, you can vote at our meetings. 

  3. Help fund our mission to keep improving the Lower Beaver Neighborhood and ensure it remains a place people are proud to call home!

Still interested in learning more?  Read through the list of accomplishments below to see a sampling of what your association has had a hand in making a reality. 

LBNA Accomplishments

Woodlawn Park:
Woodlawn Park
  • Worked with City to make lasting improvements, including replacement of aged wading pool with new interactive water feature; new shelter house, portable restrooms, and playground equipment; expanded parking lot.
  • Worked with City to establish a Community Garden.
MLK “Greenbelt”:
  • Members picked up trash and cleared scrub brush from unsightly, overgrown area.
  • Worked with City to clear forested area and install post-and-chain barriers.
  • Worked with County to bring in the Trestle to Trestle Trail.
    LBNA Tree Planting
Tai Village:
  • Fostered a relationship with the Tai Dam people, welcoming them into our community.
  • Worked with Tai Dam and government leaders to bring the Tai Village and Cultural Center to our neighborhood.
Sawyer’s Landing:
  • Worked with City and private developer to create a rare opportunity for a new Des Moines housing development with 200 new homes.
Samuelson Elementary School:
  • Vests and Signs
    Worked with Des Moines school district in planning the renovations to Samuelson Elementary and in moving the former Woodlawn Elementary students to the building. Provided hand-help stop signs and bright crossing guard vests to be used by Samuelson personnel as kids are being picked up each afternoon.
Woodlawn Elementary School:
  • Worked with Des Moines school district in pursuing the renovations to Woodlawn Elementary and its transformation into an all-city pre-school learning center.
Neighborhood Infrastructure Revitalization Program:
  • Sought and was awarded a grant for neighborhood-wide infrastructure improvements; worked with city in developing a plan for street repair and resurfacing.
Lower Beaver Neighborhood Association Sign:

  • Worked with County officials in designing the wonderful monument-style welcome sign at our eastern gateway.
Business Development:
  • Worked alongside local businesses to help with development or zoning/variance issues to ensure a beneficial outcome to both the business and the local residents.